Welcome to Wan-Lea Tonkinese Kittens

Welcome to Wan-Lea Tonkinese Kittens

About Us


Wan-Lea has been breeding award winning Tonkinese kittens and cats since 1990. We are a small cattery owned by Wanda Martin and Claire Dubit and are located in the Baltimore, Maryland Metropolitan area. First and foremost, our cats are our treasured pets. All of our cats are lovingly raised and live cage free among the humans in our respective homes. We are a not-for-profit breeder striving to continue developing beautiful, healthy, friendly, affectionate Tonkinese cats that meet the breed standard.  We have both Tonkinese cats for sale as well as Tonkinese kittens for sale.  

We are proud members of the Tonkinese Breed Association and The Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) Tonkinese Breed Council. We abide by Tonkinese Breed Association Code of Ethics and the Cat Fancier’s Association Code of Ethics.  We are a CFA Cattery of Distinction!  

We show our cats in The Cat Fanciers’ Association, Inc. and are members of the following cat clubs: 

  • Freestate Feline Fanciers’
  • Colonial Annapolis Cat Fanciers’ 
  • Greater Baltimore Cat Club
  • Delaware River Cats Club
  • National Norwegian Forest Cat Breed Club 

For information on cat shows, go to http://catshows.us/

Our kittens are socialized from birth. We require that anyone getting one of our kittens agree to keep them indoors only and to never declaw them.  

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